Children's Program

Children Sunday Worship

Season 2

Episode Description: 
The puppet gang is back! Find out what each of its members did during the Christmas holidays - they sure had some nice and silly adventures!

We begin Season 2 of the puppet show with a series that would talk about who Jesus is. In the first lesson of the series, we will re-visit one of Jesus' most miraculous miracles - instead of following Him, why did some people leave Jesus after this miracle? 

Remember our year-end contest for 2020! Memorize the same number of Bible verses from Season 1 of the puppet show as your age (e.g. 7-year-olds need to memorize 7 verses), and you will win a prize! The deadline is January 31, 2021.

Videos shown from this episode (no copyright infringement intended; clickable from episode at the top right corner):
Jesus Feeding 5000 (from Saddleback Kids):
Jesus is the Bread of Life (from Sharefaith Kids):

Ep 01

Who is Jesus? Jesus is the Bread of Life!

Ep 02

Who is Jesus? Jesus is the Light of the World!

Ep 03

Who is Jesus? Jesus is the Gate and the Good Shepherd

Ep 04

Who is Jesus? Jesus is the Resurrection and Life

Ep 05

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life

Ep 06

Jesus is the True Vine

Ep 07

The Last Supper

Ep 08

The Story of Easter

Ep 09

Acts Lesson 1 - The Church Was Born

Story Time with Uncle Ed

Ep 01

A Father's Love

Ep 02

The Good Samaritan

Ep 03

 Jonah, the Reluctant Prophet

Ep 04

David the Giant Slayer

Ep 05

Jesus, God's Only Son

Sunday School 2021

Season 2

Happy new year! As we begin the new year, this virtual Sunday School class welcomes children in young elementary, as well as our lovely pre-schoolers like Season 1. In this lesson, we will begin looking at Genesis 1 and God's wonderful creation! How did God create the world as we know it from nothing?


In crafts, we will be creating the model of our earth using a coffee filter and paint. Make your model of the earth as colourful and beautiful as the one God puts us in!


Starting next time, if you miss an earlier lesson, check out the playlist below to go back to any of them!

Ep 01

In the Beginning

Ep 02

God's Creation: Let There be Light!

Ep 03

God's Creation: God Made Plants

Ep 04

God's Creation: God Created the Animals and Birds

Ep 05

God's Greatest Creation - Humans!

Ep 06

Jesus Entered Jerusalem on a Colt/Last Supper

Christmas Lessons

For preschool kids

Lesson 1

Joseph and Mary

Lesson 2

The Birth of Jesus

Lesson 3

The Shepherds' Response

Lesson 4

Three Wise Men Visited Jesus








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