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Children's Program

Children Sunday Worship

Season 2

Episode Description: 
The puppet gang is back! Find out what each of its members did during the Christmas holidays - they sure had some nice and silly adventures!

We begin Season 2 of the puppet show with a series that would talk about who Jesus is. In the first lesson of the series, we will re-visit one of Jesus' most miraculous miracles - instead of following Him, why did some people leave Jesus after this miracle? 

Remember our year-end contest for 2020! Memorize the same number of Bible verses from Season 1 of the puppet show as your age (e.g. 7-year-olds need to memorize 7 verses), and you will win a prize! The deadline is January 31, 2021.

Videos shown from this episode (no copyright infringement intended; clickable from episode at the top right corner):
Jesus Feeding 5000 (from Saddleback Kids):
Jesus is the Bread of Life (from Sharefaith Kids):

Ep 11

Acts Lesson 3: Stephen Died for Christ

Ep 12

Acts Lesson 4: Philip and the Ethiopian

Ep 13

Acts Lesson 5: Saul Meets Jesus

Ep 14

Acts Lesson 6: Peter Meets Cornelius

Ep 15

Acts Lesson 7: Peter Escapes from Prison

Ep 16

Acts Lesson 8: Paul's Journey Begins

Ep 17

Acts Lesson 9: Paul and Silas

Ep 18

Acts Lesson 10: Paul in Rome

Story Time with Uncle Ed

Ep 11

Reap the Harvest (Berenstain Bears)

Ep 12

Love Their Neighbour (Berenstain Bears)

Sunday School 2021

Season 3

Welcome back, children and families at home!

As we begin another school year of children Sunday School, we will begin by going all the way back to Genesis 1 to learn about our creative God.

In crafts, we will be making a colour wheel and also drawing about your favourite creation from God.

Scriptural reference is from Genesis 1.

Ep 1

God is Creative

Ep 2

God is Great

Christmas Lessons

For preschool kids

Lesson 1

Joseph and Mary

Lesson 2

The Birth of Jesus

Lesson 3

The Shepherds' Response

Lesson 4

Three Wise Men Visited Jesus

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